Lost Photos


Recover all of your photos from your email


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Lost Photos is a little tool that will help you find any photo that is lost in your email in a blink of an eye.

It works very simply: you enter your email address and password, and the application starts to slowly scan each of the mailboxes in order to find any photo that matches the parameters you've selected. In addition, to make it easier, you can select the minimum size of the photographs.

As soon as it starts the search, you can see all of the photos that the program has found. You can share them automatically on Twitter or Facebook, or send them to another email address. It's as easy as that.

Lost Photos is a very useful tool that might surprise you, as all of us have tons of photos in our mailboxes that we don't even know we have. Just run this application once and you'll be able to start rescuing those mementos.
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